Thursday, 12 November 2009

Sum of Your Parts

Digital collage done on photoshop based on this memoir by Garyson Perry:
The inspiration for my piece was the line "Early porn for me was shopping catalogues". I wanted the image to be subtle and a bit subversive rather than obviously pornographic. I was also thinking quite a lot about how women are portrayed in advertising - those subtle seductive looks are enough to make people want to buy into that image and the sex appeal. There were alot of really mixed views on Grayson Perry within the class with some people being very accepting of the image he portrays with other being in complete disagreement, almost enraged. I found the article intriguing and interesting to read and it really challenged alot of stereotypes and preconceptions of gender roles, which can surely only be a good thing?

On a completely different, unrelated tangent I also drew a boredom bear on photoshop today. "Roar?" maybe its not so unrelated after all, maybe he's contemplating writing a memoir that challanges the stereotypes and preconceptions of what it means to be a grizzly bear?

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