Monday, 14 May 2012


It's been very manic recently thanks to assessments and the run up to the DJCAD Degree Show, which I'm exhibiting in but I have managed to find some time to make a new website!  You can find it over at:

Please go and have a look and let me know what you think.

Degree Show Opening is this Friday (18th of May) and is on until the following Sunday, it would be great to see you there!  I have 2 pieces in the show including the pie from my last post which has a hot water bottle inside to warm it up and two arms to hug you back.  Food at its most comforting.  Head over to the Degree Show web page to check out a sneak peak of the pie.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Cruelty to pies.

I've spent my morning torturing a poor pie, all in the name of art!  
Proper photos to follow soon.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Pasty Tax

Another quick editorial piece, this time in relation to the 'pasty tax' - the changes propossed in the recent budget to increase the tax on hot takeaway food such as pasties and rotisserie chickens to be in line with other takeaway foods which has caused many cries of "What if I like my steak bake cold?!".  It took some considerable restraint not to just eat the pastry (or at least the cooked pastry).

'We fed our pets better than we fed our children'

A quick editorial I done recently in response to this Guardian article about comfort food and recession by Matthew Fort (I'm sure you can use your imagination and imagine it in context).

"We fed our pets better than we fed our children"

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Comfort Food - Lasagne Sleeping Bag

A gigantic lasagne (180cm x 90cm) which has been made as a sleeping bag for the ultimate in comfort.  Slip inside the bottom mincey layer and feel the full weight of the comfort on top of you.  

Made out of duvets and hand dyed fabric, a long and exhausting process!  The fabric for each layer was dyed (in a mop bucket in the bath) and then sewn around the duvets to create the different lasagne layers.  Luckily for me my sewing machine chose just this moment to break, ugh!  The mince layers have been screenprinted for maximum minceyness (after much stress about how to make it look right).

The lasagne was also taken to the doctors surgery (because nothing says nutter like turning up at the doctors with a giant lasagne) and Ben Bainbridge and Sally Hackett were good enough to get inside it for me and model its comforting potential!

Comfort Food - Penne Pasta

A large piece of hand-quilted penne pasta.  You can hug it, you can squeeze it, but you can't eat it.

Photos also taken in Hawkhill Medical Centre with Ben Bainbridge and additional Sally Hackett.

A more detailed shot taken in the photo studio but it does look a bit sad and squashed here.  Definitely better in person.

A Transitional Object

The outcome of a day long project in which we were each given a phrase relating to our project and asked to make an image.  I decided to take the phrase literally and made a stuffed digestive system which was later sewn onto a wooly jumper.  The photos were taken in Hawkhill Medical Centre, Dundee.

My glorious model is Ben Bainbridge, you should definitely check him out. 

Wrapping Up

Such a neglectful blogger!  The past couple of months leading on from the pasta drawings have (finally!) resulted in a clearer idea about what I'm doing in project wise, hurrah!  And have resulted in me making work which I never quite expected I would do, nice that isn't it?  I started of looking at literal meanings of phrases, first with 'A Transitional Object' (post to follow) and then moving on to look at literal comfort foods.  I've mainly been working around the phrase 'Home Comforts' and have been looking at the ideals of folk art and crafts paired with the literal meanings.  The result is:  quite humorous, a bit strange and very squishy.  What more could I ask for?