Saturday, 7 January 2012

Comfort Food - Lasagne Sleeping Bag

A gigantic lasagne (180cm x 90cm) which has been made as a sleeping bag for the ultimate in comfort.  Slip inside the bottom mincey layer and feel the full weight of the comfort on top of you.  

Made out of duvets and hand dyed fabric, a long and exhausting process!  The fabric for each layer was dyed (in a mop bucket in the bath) and then sewn around the duvets to create the different lasagne layers.  Luckily for me my sewing machine chose just this moment to break, ugh!  The mince layers have been screenprinted for maximum minceyness (after much stress about how to make it look right).

The lasagne was also taken to the doctors surgery (because nothing says nutter like turning up at the doctors with a giant lasagne) and Ben Bainbridge and Sally Hackett were good enough to get inside it for me and model its comforting potential!

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