Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Forts, Dens and Hideouts

Who wants to build a fort?
I've been thinking alot recently about forts, dens and hideouts and how they differ from person to person.  Building a fort provides the maker with comfort and a feeling of safety steming from childhood pastimes, many of which have been idealised in our minds, but which also mirrors what we try to do on a grander basis within our homes as adults.  I've been considering doing some sort of fort based project in which a group of people are invited to make their own hideouts or we make one large hideout together.  It's all very much speculation at the moment but if anyone would like to get involved please let me know!  Similarly if you just fancy making a fort for the fun of it then feel free to head round my way with your duvet.

Head over to my tumblr if you fancy eyeing up some more fort based fun.

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