Monday, 1 February 2010

Hallo Karen O

The aim:

Later on this month the 4th year illustrators are having a rock legends themed fundraiser for their degree show and I've decided to go as the one and only Karen O.  After much pondering over which one of her wonderful costumes to make I've finally settled on the one that she wore on stage at Glastonbury last year.  
Karen O is someone I've always had alot of admiration for - her style, music and general persona.  To sum it up I think she's rather amazing.

I bought some fabric today so I can get started but I've yet to do anything with it.  My costume obviously isn't going to be anywhere near as good as Christian Joy's (the wonderful designer who makes Karen's costumes) but I'm sure it will still be very fun to wear, not to mention dance in.  Maybe the lobster cape will become part of my everyday wear.

Christian Joy:

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  1. like it hope your turns out good ! couldnt quite picture it when you described it pretty impressive ! x